Capri 2.8i Special

Ford’s European muscle car, brutish & aggressive looks, “hairy chested” image, effortless performance from the 2.8 litre fuel injected engine delivering 160PS through an LSD equipped rear axle and Bilstein suspension. An opulent leather equipped interior completed the package.

Already an all time classic which is sorely missed as Ford didn’t replace it…


Tickford Capri

Joint project with Aston Martin, completed cars were sent from the Capri production line in Cologne to Newport Pagnell, where the cars were completely stripped in order to be converted.

The conversion process was time consuming as the following had to be fitted to the car, after removal of the original Components

  • Engine removal to fit turbocharger
  • Fitting of rear axle A-bracket
  • Complete removal of all exterior trim for repainting in white
  • Complete removal of the interior trim for retrieving in leather & fitting new vehicle wiring loom
  • Fit Tickford body kit

The finished car was almost £40.000!

1970 Ford Capri RS

First version of the homologation special for the Touring Car Championship

This first version is bumperless (quarter bumpers were fitted in the 1972 version), & features the 2600cc 150bhp Kugelfischer injected engine, the first European Ford to be fuel injected.

The interior was spartan, notable features were the iconic Springal deep dishes steering wheel and the iconic Scheel racing seats and the 6-dial instrument cluster.

The suspension features tarmac spec Bilsteins, single leaf rear springs & an RS negative camber front crossmember.

An absolute classic, lightweight, fast, agile homologation special.

2600cc 150bhp, fuel injected